Ok, it’s Tuesday, and as I write this my nerves are going crazy. I cannot wait. Thank God that it isn’t like people are not relying on my patience skills tonight. I have none. By the time anyone reads this it will be 2.0 time for anythingbox.com and no one will really know how hard this was to contain!

The work began on Friday to get the other sites ready. Roughly about 35-40 of them, I lost count. I have been busy making sure that all the sites that have a page for us is updated, and will stay updated. Then there was Fan Tapes, which I was glad to see done.

Tonight I will invoke endpop.com and the player goes live, and this little hiding place of mine will be discovered. I don’t mind. From now on this is my notebook, so I better get used to it.

Man, I’m sleepy. I’m going to bed . Reminder for tomorrow…

Snocap! That must go live…