Well, it has been months in the planning, recording, mixing, mastering, and the artwork stage… And the work involved was very harrowing at times. All has been worth it to bring this song into the world. So there it is… New EP!!!

What do I want you to know about this? What can I write that will do it justice? Let’s see now…

“Future Past EP”…

It all began as I sat in my hotel room while we were touring in Ecuador. It was our third time there, and I was really enjoying the stay. As I watched TV, a show about Argentine Models and the Buenos Aires fashion scene came on. As they spoke I felt in my soul that I should connect myself with my culture in some way, that there was a way to do this. My mind began racing. I got very little sleep in fact. Instead, I began to imagine how cool it would be for Abox to finally have a song in Spanish, and why not? I was born in Argentina! I sang for the first time on Argentine soil! So why not?

Well, we needed a song first.

In the weeks that passed, I recalled performing in Brazil many years before, in front of 70,000 people when we played Carmen. The crowd went crazy, and it was because they knew the song. However, it was during some conversations later that Paul actually mentioned it. It was, as I came to see it, as an omen to do it. The flow came naturally, and even though it was difficult to imagine the music being better than the original, I have grown to love this version so much more.

Dania and I worked out the words in a park, together as collaborators, and it was easy and fun. The story was weaved from a new angle in Spanish, and this was interesting for me as a writer, to cover myself in another language, tell the story from another perspective, and yet give it a sense of comfort that was unexpected from the folds of the imaginative psyche. Dania’s help during this part was very important!

My mother helped out during the recording session by guiding me during the vocal tracking period. That was a bit nervy but I survived. My brother Gary also provided some of his beat boxing skills to the mix and and I planned a day for the final mixes.

On the morning of that day, I awoke from a dream where some famous producer had been telling me that the song needed a guitar in spite of my arguments for a strictly electronic feel. He played back the mix and I woke up immediately in a bit of a creative rush. I called Paul on that morning and told him to bring his guitar for additional tracking, and the final touches for the song were placed. Who says dreams don’t come true! You control reality! Remember this always! You control reality.

That is my brief recap of the events that led to this EP. Oh yeah, and we also revisited the song in English, plus we finally recorded the vocals to a mix of ‘Soul on Fire’ that we’ve had in the vault for some time now. It will also see the light of day. So without further bable from me, here it is…


Claude S.