Track 11, also known as the hidden track on ‘Future Past‘, has had a bit of controversy surrounding it, and much of it could have been avoided if I had simply put it on our Lulu version of the album. But it was not a premeditated act of omission. It wasn’t in existence as I set up the album for online sale. In fact if anything, the online album was to have a few extra tracks than the CD version. Which it still does.

The fact is, as I was getting the first podcast together for Fan Tapes & Time Travel, I wanted to do a song ‘live’ in the studio. Nothing too crazy, you see. And nothing came.

Meanwhile I listened to the last master that was going to manufacturing the very next day. And something happened. I got this crazy thought to play the piano and before I could even think about it, microphones were being set up and the song was recorded, mixed, and mastered. At around 4am I added it to the EP, with no one in the band hearing it! In fact, were it not for my friend Dan stopping by that night, no one would have heard it before it went out. I swore him to secrecy.

Why? My first thought was, ‘We’ve been listening to this for months now. When I give the band their copies, it will be a shock!’. In fact, Paul heard it after most fans who got the CD! I’m not sure how they feel about it, but I meant no harm other than a pleasant surprise. I don’t think Dania has heard it yet! She’s gonna kill me! :)

But just as I surprised them, I surprised myself. I never knew that version of the song existed. But it was dormant all along. I guess it woke up that night…

— Claude