After reading Stephen King’s Cell, I was a bit into watching a movie like Pulse. Cell phones, PDAs, iPods, and this computer are tools we use everyday, and as such are things invented to keep us more connected. However, it now appears that they may also let in forces beyond our control… Like our Government?

It was a pretty good flick, a bit slow and yet scary in some ways. I felt that the idea of ‘spirits’ being able to come through and manifest themselves through our computers was pretty cool.

However, then it dawned on me that such things happen, or reportedly happen, to people all the time, although no one has had their soul sucked out through their mouths, unless we are talking about President Bush of course…. But I digress…

I need to remember that run-on sentences are improper English. I can form short ones. Here, I’ll try it. That’s a a pretty short one. This one too. I can do it. It’s easy. Cool.

Now then, getting back to Pulse. I really enjoyed it, and it got my blood rushing. I really wanted to see a scary movie, and this one worked. I elect to give it four stars.

I don’t like giving away scenes, cause I hate it when people do it to me, but I will say this… I liked the way the movie was lit, using elements of B&W to add to the sense of dreariness that is the modern age of technology.

That’s all I have tonight.

— Claude