So rehearsals are going well. I’m very excited about the new shows. We have been working very hard to make the show better, stronger, faster, slower, and it has been great! New toys help…

I just got my Korg Kaos Pad and I am really loving it. I used one to do the skipping bits on ‘Interlude Movement 26’ from the EP. From then on, I’ve been hooked. I’m still building another Negister Theremin of course, but it is nice to take some gear out for myself for a change. I like playing as much as I like singing, it makes me more excited for the shows.

Peru will be fun, I know it! I wonder how ‘Carmen’ is doing on the radio… Haven’t heard a peep yet, but I am hoping that people are liking it. I have gotten comments and emails from people about it in Peru, so I am pretty sure it has hit the airwaves. Makes me nervous, but that’s life…

Tonight I was sewing, and with Lilly’s help I have designed some shirts for the shows. Something new. I went shopping and didn’t like anything. I was feeling nostalgic about the early vampire days and wanted something a bit different. I don’t shop at Hot Topic, although I do like the store. The way I see it is, if it is cool, then a thousand people  have it, so I look for clothes in odd places. This time I struck out. So off to the fabric store.

I may scare a few people.

— Claude