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Welcome to Episode 3 of the serialized Anything Box film, Fan Tapes & Time Travel. This serial is a trip through time, using the lens and cameras from fans from all over the world. The time periods jump from 1988 to the present day, and everything in between. Are Anything Box time travelers? Or are they merely resilient? Only one thing is for certain: art speaks for itself.

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Claude: This was, at the time, the biggest show Anything Box had done. There was no endpop.com yet. This was a trying period. This was when we were riding the high of Peace and Living In Oblivion, but had just left a major label. The Hope era had just begun, and Orangewerks was an idea waiting to happen. I think Answer Me was a new song

What I remember the most was that fans had dropped from the ceiling, and we elected to protect them since security was looking for them with tazers. Also, the front doors of the soccer stadium were broken as people came in to the venue. Our road manager at the time and my good friend, Tito, filmed most of this. Oh, I apologize in advance for the clothes. I just wanted to be comfortable. Who knew?

The song featured during this episode is Kiss of Love!

An iPod version of this episode is available for download at: http://www.myspace-music.com


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