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Welcome to Episode 4 of the serialized Anything Box film, Fan Tapes & Time Travel. Using the lens and cameras from fans from all over the world, this film is a time machine. The periods jump from 1988 to the future, and everything in between. Are Anything Box time travelers then? Or are they merely resilient? Only one thing is for certain: art speaks for itself.

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Claude: “England had The Batcave in 1988, which brought us bands like Alien Sex Fiend, but New Jersey had The Pipeline, which was a stomping ground that was always open to our experimentation. Emilio was a great guy. I would call him up on the phone, and he would give us a date. Or we would get a date right after we played a show. So it was a sort of home for us. Also, it was the most Gothic and Punk of all the clubs we played, barring perhaps The Loop, which was also (and still is) very special. The Pipeline had a spirit that was amazing.

Imagine my surprise at finding these little gems. This Episode features two songs which we’ve never released, much to my surprise. They were popular in our sets, and the vampires loved us. That is because we were sort of vampires ourselves. The song Pieces (2nd song on this episode) was supposed to be a b-side to Living In Oblivion, but it never happened because the record company thought it was too industrial. We should have fought for it. The master is out there somewhere. As for Some One’s Taken Over Me, it is a song that to this day feels good in a punkish aggressive sort of way.

This show is also the last before we moved to California, and as such holds a special place in my heart forever.

Featured Songs: Someone’s Taken Over Me and Pieces.

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