Yeah it’s a list, and I’m in the mood, can’t help it! I was just thinking about how I discovered these artists without the benefit of MTV or mainstream Radio or Television. My ‘musica nueva’ came about mostly from friends. Only the number one position is accurate. The rest vary per mood. So this is my list…

Claude | Favorite Artists | Music | Art

The Beatles – Where would I be without this band? Number one…
The Kinks – Ray Davies is a punk rocker. Stop it.
The Who – My Generation still speaks to me. But the kids are alright.
Pink Floyd – The strange melodies and mood mystify me to this day.
Kraftwerk – Computer World changed me. Guitars faded away to bleeps.
Bob Marley – Who knew Politics could make you happy and angry? Genius.
Nirvana – I got into them late. Makes me a grunge poser. Oh well.
Flaming Lips – The last great experimental band in the USA.
White Stripes – Well, say what you will. I love Jack and Meg.
The Strokes – I like these guys. NYC rocks.
Ladytron – Posh, stylish, and yet edible as Dali would say.
New Order – Love at first listen. Still together in my mind. Technique!!!
Joy Division – “Weeping synthesizers” a friend said. He was right. Sigh.
Depeche Mode – Some Great Reward and Black Celebration. Forever.
Erasure – I Say I Say… and Chorus. Vince, Andy, my stereo.
Cetu Javu – So Strange and Situations. Among my favorite songs.
David Bowie – His chameleon ways are amazing. Want to listen now.
The Chameleons UK – Strange Days is the goth masterpiece. I Swear.
Carlos Gardel – Tango was always in the background. Now it haunts me.
Beastie Boys – Hello Nasty. This is my favorite. Amazing live.
Front 242 – I actually love the first album. IDM before IDM.
Radiohead – Next to Sgt. Pepper you will find OK Computer. Influential.
Bjork – The videos. I watch them over and over. Sonic excellence.
Sex Pistols – What? Yeah go on, drop dead!
Buzzcocks – My favorite punk band in the world. Ever fallen in love?
The Ramones – I never saw them play. A regret. Love them!!!
Anything Box – I am biased of course. I love my band.
The Diary – My alter ego, and for purely egocentric reasons, I love it.
Goodbye July – No music is better than personal music. I know him!
The Lamented – Fuck the Producers. Yeah. YEAH!!!

And suddenly, I switch to art…

Salvador Dali – He’s in there somewhere. Mastication comes to mind.
Max Ernst – His paintings are haunted. And grand.
Giorgio Di Chirico – I have walked in those landscapes. I know.
Klee – When I feel childlike, I turn to him. I smile.
Miro’ – His paintings move as you watch them. And you are stilled.

There are surely others I’ve forgotten at this moment in time, but as you can see I have a somewhat diverse pallet of taste. But is it good taste? I don’t care.

– Claude S. / Anything Box