I have begun to collect new sounds. Mostly what I like to do before every album is delete all my sounds from the previous, cry about it, restore a few of them and off I go. I love making art with my computer. I feel it is a friendship based on hate. Why hate?  I defend the computer as a tool for the creation of music and finding new sounds because it always evokes the Kraftwerk phrase, “I program my own computer, beam myself into the future…” And to me, nothing does that more than creating art on the computer.

For some, the computer typifies all that is wrong with electronic music or art. Well, we don’t agree. I feel that the computer found new avenues for exploration of the future of art in of itself. To me it cannot become Future Pop without it. I love analog synthesis, don’t get me wrong. I love the physical aspect of the creation of sounds, but digital manipulation of reality is lots of fun too. I love creating sounds out of simple everyday objects. They give up their secrets of sound under the mouse. And it allows me to leave the confines of the studio to get them. Records, CDs, FM Radio, drum machines, my little Casio and my home built theremins all get played, tagged, sampled, manipulated and retooled into new forms. This is musical surrealism. No this is not a pipe. It was a pipe. It is now a woosh!

I just finished building my new computer. It is modest, but will do very nicely. It’s a 3 gig  P4 with 3 gigs of ram, 4 HDs, and bunch of other cool goodies. I got my new 22″ LCD, which I have been wanting for quite a while now. This is how I love to create. I know Macs are cool and all that, but there is something about building this thing, this totally frankenstein computer that appeals to my creative side. It shouldn’t. I agree. In fact, why I enjoy the configuration of these things is beyond the scope of this post, but I love doing it in some sick sort of way. So it is done… What a speed demon!

So now I have to clear out the junk from the studio before we head out to South America again. I left quite a mess in there. I am refining the process, because I think it’s time to record again. Life is pushing me to it, and that’s all right by me. By the way, as of this writing, the old studio computer has become this one. So my internet access just got a little better. Not a crash since. This baby is pretty good, has been for years. I’m happy with my compoopers.