I have written this post as a not-so-gentle reminder to myself and others that the War we are fighting in Iraq is NOT entertainment. Nor should it be seen merely as fodder for right wing or left wing commentary on YouTube or Myspace or even here. The war is not a movie.

It isn’t a Fox show. It isn’t going to win a Grammy, or an Oscar for best portrayal of a marine killing innocent people in the streets of Baghdad.

The war will be an ugly mar on the face of an already scarred nation. Sometimes I find myself glued to these films because in all of my time on this earth, I have never witnessed anything so utterly visceral and real. And yet, I read comments from people who see these horrible images as a form of entertainment! It isn’t. War is a crime of humanity. A shameful thing.

These are real people dying. These are real people killing other people.
Have you learned to see this difference? Has it sunk in fully yet?

We live in a bubble, sitting here in front of a screen. We can change it when we please, pimp it up with happy colors and bands we like, make all the lists about what was the best or the worst… And post videos for and against the war and think we are doing our part. We’re not. Stopping this is doing our part.

The intent to find new solutions to this challenge is a start. But action must surely be taken to help, no? Simply staring at our screens won’t do. The screens replay what has already happened. There is much happening as we watch, as we read, as we post.

The biggest lie ever told to us was that of separation. We are not separate. We are all connected. And every time someone is killed violently, cruelly and tortured… That horror filters itself down to us…

The soul of the world must surely be crying… This is not why we are here.

— Claude