Born To Brothels  is a film on the wonderful web site, I was so moved by this film that I had to stop watching it midway through. I was falling in love with these kids as I watched, and it made everything in the world seem so unfair. I have been on a sad streak lately, so this did not help, although I will say that these kids’ attitudes about life and their warmth have stayed with me for days. That being the case, I will finish watching the film, possibly tonight after this post. I just had to share this, you know?

The story is about a photographer who goes in to the Red Light district of Calcutta… Here’s the official description:

“Amidst the apparent growing prosperity of India, there is a dark underbelly of poverty, another side of the nation that is little known. This film chronicles filmmakers Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman’s efforts to show the world of Calcutta’s red light district. In order to do so, they inspired a special group of children of the prostitutes of the area to photograph the most reluctant subjects. As the kids excel in their new found art, the filmmakers struggle to help them have a chance at a better life away from the miserable poverty crushes their dreams.”

This film shows how humanity thrives even in the most remote places, and how human dreams, especially those of children, should be fought for to make them reality. Keep an eye on this film. Seriously.

Half way through, I felt my soul churning with a desire to help these kids. If I were rich, I would adopt them all…