I was feeling a bit of nostalgia today, and when I spotted this photo, it was a bit much. I remember this place from my childhood, and it seems so different now. It has haunted my dreams on occasion… And this is how it looks in my dreams.

I was raised on the East Coast. It is in my blood. Although I live, walk and ride in the sunny skies of California, there is something here that sometimes hugs my soul. Perhaps it is mere nostalgia. Or perhaps time travel is real.

And it was after viewing this and missing the East Coast when I discovered that Paul was actually filming me as I was singing. I was truly clueless about this clip. I thought he was on the phone. Somewhat of a scruffy look for the day. This was of course, not part of the plan. But cool! I sang on a Paul song!

Here it is. It sounds a bit funny without music. So you will have to wait for the album to come out to see how and if it will be used. It was as I say, a spur of the moment… So it goes.