To many of those who know me, me writing this review will come as no surprise. The Beatles’ music has been a part of my life for a very long time. In fact, there are musical milestones in my life firmly associated with these four lads from Liverpool. The first being that The Beatles’  ‘She Loves You’ was the first 7″ single I ever bought, and this happened on my first trip back to Argentina at the tender age of 11. It was here during a magical summer of listening to ‘She Loves You’ that I first lived. Truly.

I learned to hunt for frogs in the night, flew kites on a grassy hill, maneuvered model airplanes in the field in front of my grandmother’s house… and kissed a girl. Yep. Truly lived. And let me state for the record that my Grandmother made the most amazing food, and that my imagination was allowed to swim as it pleased… Heaven will be like this…

It was there in that summer, when I lay on my bed with a headache that I started paying attention to the sound of that record. And it was a haunting sound. It said, ‘Yes, this is who you are as well… Get moving…” But I wasn’t truly paying attention. I was hearing it, but my mind was not ready. There were still kites to fly, airplanes to build, and the pool in the back yard. New friends. Magic. But the voice was strong, and that little record made it back with me to the states. I can’t say the same for the rest of it.

Back in the states, I came home to one of the biggest snow storms ever to hit the east coast. Fourteen inches of snow fell while I was at school. And as I walked through this ocean of white I spotted the record player. Someone had thrown it out. It was old, too. I remember the first time I fired it up that it lit up red. Tubes. I didn’t know what tubes were then. Getting that thing home was no picnic either. I had to drag it in the snow for about a mile and a half. But it was something I had to bring home. It was meant to be mine. And sure enough, it became part of my room. My personal music assistant. Now I didn’t need permission to play a record. I had my own machine…

And the voice spoke to me again, through the magic of “A Day In The Life”, ‘Revolution”, and “Hey Jude”… And more. The airplanes became sillier, and books became more important. Drawing gave way to painting, and my record player churned out the music… That’s how I found me.

So when I watch this film, and these songs come on… I am at once transported back to that time when I lived. But never am I losing the story, nor my love for the characters in this film. In fact, when I watched it tonight for the first time since I saw it in the theatre, it felt so familiar and yet so new at the same time. This is an important film about hopes, dreams, love, friends, music, and is not about time, politics or even The Beatles. This is not a movie about The Beatles, ok? But it is, or rather it appears to be, a movie about how this music was there for that time, those politics, and above all, for love. And it is still here today. And this breaks my heart with happiness, but that’s ok. Tears of joy are always better than tears of sadness.

If are in need of a heart warming experience, watch this film and see where it takes you.