In the past few weeks I have gotten into the habit of being more political in my posts. The importance of staying informed and on top of things has all but consumed me as well. I have come to realize, in the course of a mere 24 hours, that this is a road that leads to more options and paths. And that’s not me. This is the culture of More. Of buying more. Owning more. And in truth, I am not buying into it. I am my own.

I am my own culture. I am my own individualized version of something that is part 1940s surrealism, 1960s Idealism, 1980s New Wave and a forward thinking person. I believe that all human beings are one. Age has no bearing on my self-made culture. What you have, how much of it you have, and how much you plan to take is not the issue. It is acceptance of all that is amazing, exciting, and beautiful in the world.

So, just in case I were to wither away and die before I ever get to write this down, I offer my code for living. It is by all accounts rather simple.

1. As above, so below. That is, what you perceive as real becomes so. So to imagine the worst scenario is actually inviting its coming. This is a basic rule, from alchemy to Judaism and all things in between. As above, so below.

2. Love that you give is the love you receive, no matter what the consequences. I’m not talking about personal relationships although they fall into this as well. I mean, the love that flows outside of one’s self onto the world. This is a healing love, a language to easy to speak and yet forgotten by so many.

3. The Soul Of The World, or the animas mundi, is a perfect creation, and God’s reflection resides within it. As you and I live and breathe, this creation exists to give us a sense of appreciation for all living things. This is our playground. And we need to respect and protect it. The earth is not ours. We do not own it. It owns us. We belong to it.

4. Life has no meaning. Accept this first. Life has no meaning at all. We inject the meaning into it. So stop pretending that life is eluding you. It can’t elude you. You elude you. Life has no meaning save what meaning we assign to it. So if you assign passion into your life, life’s meaning is passion. If you assign love, life’s meaning is love.

5. The minute you are afraid to speak your thoughts, or express your individualism, you have let this culture decide who you are. Be you. No matter what. It may be the loneliest of paths, but in the end it will be the only path which sets you free. And that will mean more.

I guess that’s all you need to know. I just needed to remind myself. That’s all. I am an artist after all.