Ok, this was really funny and entertaining, but it was also very scary. It reminded me of a few things that have really shaken me up in the last few years. And while I may laugh at this over-the-top presentation of the subject matter, it’s not too far from the truth. This is how cults are created. The music was something that I might have done, but I didn’t.

This is really how it’s done, and if something in the pit of your stomach aches with a bit of guilt or anger… Well… Then this little film has more than a grain of truth in it. So I say this for the umpteenth time, “Make your own culture. Make your own mind. Be the real you.”


Seriously. Individualism is a Right, one that was given to you when your mom gave birth to you. The next time I see my mom, I am going to hug her and give her a kiss. If it wasn’t for my sheltered Catholic upbringing and her divorce from my father, who know what I might have become? :) That was a joke.

My mother actually taught me color-blindness, tolerance, and made me read, study Spanish, and made damn well sure that I never lost my culture even as I rebelled against it in my youth. She encouraged me to do things on my own. Self-Reliance was big at my house, ok? And she limited my TV watching, so in order for me to spend time in front of the tube, I had to do it very late at night. So I watched all the stuff they didn’t let you watch during the day. That’s my surrealism. I love you, mom. Che, que vida.