So that is the cover, and it will be a Digital Only release so far as I can tell. I am working on a little book in PDF format that goes with it, which I will upload to our LULU page. The Book of 19 is a companion piece for the album. It’s a little book, but it has a bit of a heart. We’ll see what happens. The painting is “The Two Lovers”, circa 1991.

Background on Nineteen:

There are no markings on the tape, and my notes and lyrics on the songs are the only clue I have for any sort of dating on the subject. The year seems to be 1988. It was an ‘album’ in the sense that all these songs go together, and their flow is consistent for an album’s worth of material. But it isn’t a proper album in that it was not recorded in a proper studio.

Nineteen was recorded straight to tape, live with no edits. There was no multi-tracking involved and no computers. Not that I have anything against computers, mind you. In fact, it was the ability I have gained as a mastering engineer that has enabled me to wring more out of the music, and actually ‘finish’ this album. And that took a computer. But it is a work that began a long time ago, and it lay forgotten.

So you could say that this is an actual time trip for both of us. What you hear is not the here and now. This is before Peace. Before Hope, before Elektrodelica and Universe. Simply before. Just an album as raw as one could expect. Two synthesizers, a voice and drum machine.

All is 19. Claude S.

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