So I was watching this speech on YouTube… Yes the one where Obama talks about the need for Unity, and finally brings up the Race issue. It was actually a moving speech. I cannot remember when I felt moved about a candidate in my past. I don’t ever recall speeches like this from Reagan, Clinton, or Bush. It truly was a moving speech, ok?

So I decide to post the link to the video on a bulletin on MySpace, adding at the bottom that he was the guy I could support as president… And some guy sends me an angry letter that says he’s sorry that I am, “believing in the Obama hype” and that I should “wake up“. Further, he states that Obama is a “militant anti-American”, and that I am to keep my political views to myself. He goes on to say that he loves my music but that I am no longer on his friend list. Ouch. Harsh…

So I thought about it. Did I do something wrong? I mean, am I to understand that my being an artist or entertainer gives me no credible authority to support a candidate? Am I to understand that my research on the candidates means nothing? That their voting record and work means nothing? That what they say means nothing?

Well… I am simply an artist. And I have always had something to say. I sing and write about the human condition. I give as much of my views to change the world into a better place as I can. Or at least influence a few lives for a positive change. I am colorblind when it comes to fans. I am free of the confines of organized religion so as to embrace people of every culture and social background into my art.

What I preach is that love always finds a way. Corny, I know, but truth. So if someone tells me that they love my music but discards my ‘friendship’ because of words or opinions… They fail to understand its message. Tolerance is difficult, and until we learn to accept those that are different from us we will have learned nothing. It is the very differences that we can share and learn from that makes being alive worthy of enjoying it. Otherwise, we can all be automatons. Or slaves.

So I am sorry to have lost a friend on MySpace for having an opinion. I would rather have had us disagree and move onto better things. In fact, some of my other friends did just that, and it stimulated good conversations. That in of itself made it worth it.

I love all my friends on MySpace! Vote for who you like, but be informed.

— Claude S.

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