I was in the studio mastering 19. Steve was mentioning if I had heard about Iris coming to town and I said, “Yeah, it’s on April something or other isn’t it?”

Well, it was this last Sunday. Had Steve not double-checked, we would have both missed it. So yeah, needless to say we didn’t do the radio show, but we got ready as humanly possible and headed out to Lost Angeles to catch Iris…

Reagan and Andrew didn’t know we’d be there, so it was a total surprise. I was shocked to see Andrew sporting an Abox shirt. I almost could have died in that moment alone. I have always wanted to go see a band that was wearing my band’s shirt..! Ok, it’s an ego thing, yeah, yeah… Shut up! :)

But it was seeing them play that was truly a thrill, as I’ve not seen them onstage in like over 7 years or so. Possibly longer…? They were fantastic, and much against the norm, the L.A. crowd was very giving that night. I was happy for their success on this tour.
In the crowd I saw a few faces I recognized from MySpace. If I didn’t say hello, well, I’m shy. My friend Sarah was there with her guy, and I ran into Abox fans, which made me feel so anxious for a California show that all I can say is…  YES!!!! WE WILL PLAY!!! Going to work on it ASAP.

What a great evening. We hung out with Reagan afterwards, and had a talk about technology, art and more art. Hung out with fans. I watched as Reagan signed things. Seriously, it was cool.
Oh, and Sea Bound were great too! I really enjoyed the duet between both bands. That was the perfect end to that tour, me thinks…

Great night. Great friends. Great people at Safari Sam’s.  The owner was pretty cool, actually. Yep. Life is fun.