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This is technically not an episode of Fan Tapes and Time Travel, unless of course you consider that the song in question comes from a tape. Not just any tape, but a long forgotten album recorded in one day, back in 1987/88 by Claude. Its inclusion in the series comes from a simple fact: this is the past, here is the present. By watching it, you are time traveling!

The clips you see, with the exception of the film bits, are all paintings and drawings by Claude S. of Anything Box. These also span from that era to now. They are part of an online installation known as 'The Book of Nineteen', which can be viewed in its entirety here: http://www.anythingbox-nineteen.com.

You will also get an entire glimpse of the album as well, which you can enjoy for free as you look into the pages from the book itself. But be careful, these images may induce emotions…

The album is available only as an exclusive download from these fine stores in High Quality .wav format and MP3 for your iPod. Get it here: