So I was in a bit of a state today. I got my new Laptop, and it was dead within the hour. That was a real drag, I’ll tell you. I’ve been waiting for a while now, and this last week I was dreaming of how cool it was going to be… And now… Gone. I sent it back of course, and I’ll be getting a new one. It’s a different brand, as now I’m spooked. But that just isn’t the worst of it… Really, it’s just a material object after all. This actually drives a point I made while at my sister’s house ring even more with truth: Materialism is useless.

So I began reading a book today, called The God Theory. It is a theory based on how God actually exists as an expression of creativity, and it unifies String Theory, Science, and Theological themes all into one. Seems highly interesting. I came across the word Multiverse, and of course remembered the song, Negaverse by yours truly. As I read further, I began to fall asleep. Not out of boredom, but simply my body giving me a gentle suggestion that a nap was in order. So I slept. And I dreamed.

I propose a question. When we sleep, are we truly simply regenerating the body? Giving it rest? Or is the process part of a deeper thing? Perhaps when we dream, we let our consciousness roam awake in another part of this existence. At least, this is what happened in my dreams. They were induced by the word Multiverse, no doubt, but the effect was still profound, and the effects of this are what has motivated me to write the most. Or maybe it was just the 60’s French Pop. I saw the Golden Compass the other night, too. Who knows. Right?

I dreamed that I was alone, without ever having raised a family, and yet my dog was with me. And we lived in a world that was eternal night. The warmth of survival was supplied by some unseen force or machine that ran and hummed. The streets were dangerous. It was a dismal world, but in the dream it was as real as this is to me now. And so I awoke in fear of the dark. It was just past two in the afternoon. I dozed off again, and once again I was in an alternate world. This time, I was the last of my siblings alive. I was wanting to speak with my brother, but he had died a few weeks earlier. It was so real that when I awoke I was shivering. Of course, he is quite alive and well, but in an alternate universe that exists parallel to this one he is not, and I felt truly sorry for that other self of mine. Such pain.

And this is why we must be cut off from seeing into these alternate worlds. Coping with this life is already a task within itself. How would it be to really experience the others as well. One could argue that there is no such thing of course. Nothing is proven. But the emotion that the dreams left me with are very real.

So it goes.