Today I went over all the sounds I’ve collected. Well let me re-phrase that. today I went over the sounds I’ve collected for the next Anything Box album, and I’ve been singling out instruments as well. This is part of my ‘clearing the slate’ phase I’ve been in, to make way for more creative pursuits. The reason I didn’t mean to imply that I had gone over all the sounds is simply because I could never actually pull that off in two or three lifetimes! Which is precisely why I decided to end my collection and go back to doing things the old way. That is, make new ones from scratch with a theme in mind.

I have over 750,000 sounds in my library, and over 60% are my own. What the hell was I thinking? Less than one percent could fill all the Abox albums, and those of about 10 other artists as well. So you see the stupidity of doing this right? Seriously, how will I ever even audition them? So the dilemma became somewhat of a burden on my poor brain. What to do, what to do? Nothing. Do nothing. Stand clear.

So today I realized that there are simply less than ten instruments I love playing and programming all the time. I deleted the rest. Gone. If some of them were hardware, I would have given them away. Hitting that delete key was a test of my will. But I did it. And I’m not even done yet. I will do this until every last thing I don’t need is gone. There is no point in keeping stuff simply to own it. Done.

The magic is in what you keep, though. So let’s see… The ESQ stays of course, as it is my favorite thing. And two drum machines I really love to program. Can’t say what they are, or I would have to kill someone (  :) ). Battery and Kontakt as my samplers. For my latest and most prized… Well, sorry, my secret. There’s at least three more.

Why I won’t give the others away? Well…  :)