I have somewhat abandoned the idea of doing the movie. The time simply cannot be made, and as a result, the fans are losing out on really cool stuff. So I made a decision to stop while I’m ahead… Or behind, or whatever. So the long form film, Fan Tapes & Time Travel is on hiatus.

The good news is that now I can focus more free time to simply edit single songs and post them more frequently. I set aside most of my days to writing new songs, which is important, you know? So by eliminating a huge source of stress such as this is highly welcome. I can actually breathe!

As of right now, there are about 6 songs ready for posting, and more on the way. It’s actually been more fun to do since the pressure is off. The idea is to make Endpop TV more fun to watch. You can flip through the videos you don’t like, and watch your favorites as much as you want. They will still be on our Podcast page and YouTube as well, so it should actually help us out a little. We’ll see…