Very often, people will write to me and say that I am being an alarmist, and that my view of The 911 Truth Movement is without precedent. Well, I want to state for the official record that I want to be wrong. I want to believe that our governments are not out to rob us of our freedoms for the sake of profits, that corporations have not sold the human race out for slavery or worse. I want to be wrong! And yet, in light of what I uncover with facts… I’m not. This is breaking news. I hope we will hear about this here. But it will be washed away by the media that seeks to solely entertain us instead of exposing truth and justice. I think of this man, MR. David Davis, as a brave man to come forward, lose his job, and tell his story.


Let’s not wait any longer. I am counting on us to do what is right. Let’s write letters to those who represent us and let them know that we are not slaves. This is big news people, in a very real way it is a sign of things to come.