This happened in Paterson, NJ. I was about twelve. I was having a fight with my little brother in the back seat of my father’s car. It was late evening, and the family was on the way to a party at one of my mother’s friends. As we fought in the back, my father warned us that we were going to ‘get it’ if we kept up with the screaming (I was instigating, I’m afraid). Of course, we kept fighting, my father turned around and we both got smacked in the head. Ouch! 

While sulking in the back seat something caught my attention. As I looked out of the rear-view window of the car, I saw a massive black parallelogram (not a triangle) over the corner house. It was huge, blotting out parts of the sky, and I could make out shapes protruding from it. The object was all black, no lights. I noticed it was moving, too, albeit slowly in the winter night. I was transfixed. Then the car began to move as my father maneuvered to get out of his parking space.

I shouted for him to stop, and he did, thinking there was some sort of emergency. I pointed and screamed for him to let us out, and that he should look. But he refused. He thought it was a pathetic attempt on my part to keep us home, and flat out said no. I was threatened with another smack, so I backed down, sulking but totally mesmerized by this thing. As we pulled away onto the street, the object was behind us, not following, but there in the distance. I could see how massive it was. I got chills just now writing about it. It was about the size of a football field.

The curious (and scary) part of all this is that when we arrived at the party there was some confusion. Apparently we were several hours late. My dad argued that my mom had gotten the time wrong, and she said that she knew exactly when we left the house. All in all, it did not add up. The party was over, most of the guests were gone, and we went home shortly after.

I have been looking for that thing ever since. No weather balloon, no lights or lightning. It was like an upside down aircraft carrier. So when asked if I believe, this is my reason.

— Claude