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Yesterday was an unfair whim of mine. I convinced the band to do it as an encore and it almost didnt happen. None of them really knew the chords, we had never rehearsed it. Gary and Dave worked out their parts just seconds before and we went for it. I think it is one of my happiest of moments. I am very grateful to my friend Marcelo for having captured this moment in time Weve never done it since 

— Claude S.

About Anything Box and the EndpopTV videos:

Anything Box was once described by the Village Voice (NYC) as having Some of the loveliest and most cunningly arranged pop music around And yet they still dont receive nearly as much airplay as they deserve. Well, who cares anyway? They certainly dont. What they do care about (and vehemently so) is the art itself. And they love and revere their fans support. And thus here we are.

The videos presented here are unique in that the footage to create them comes mostly through fan tapes. Anything Box was working on a film entitled, Fan Tapes and Time Travel, and some of the episodes are indeed on this site. Since then, they have begun to release individual songs from the series, and this is what is presented here. We encourage you to share this music with everyone, and please comment, as this is very appreciated by Claude, Paul, and Dania. And BTW, all this great music is available on iTunes and CDBaby.com.  


Some of the songs featured on EndpopTV are: Living in Oblivion, Yesterday, When We Lie, Heaven60, Every Single Day, Carmen, Answer Me, and more. So stay tuned in! Remember to leave a comment and subscribe to this channel! This is for you!