It was just under a a 6.0, and here in California that is considered to be small, I know. But the fact is, it was a reminder of the earthquake I was in while visiting Lima, Peru. The double 8.0 that was so life changing.

As I sat in my kitchen playing a bit of music, this earthquake hit fast and hard. At first, I was meditative, then I remembered my daughter was upstairs in her room. So I shouted for her to come down, and together we watched the world move around us as we stood under the doorway that leads to the outside. It didn’t last long, but the message was clear. Nothing is certain, ever. There are no places that can completely save you from pain and experience, and thus we are free.

Why free? Because sometimes we approach life automatons, and life is not meant for this. Life has surprises. And if we learn to accept these surprises as lessons to be learned and obstacles to be overcome, we are indeed free.

This was the lesson I learned in Lima. And from then on things in my world have been different.

— Claude