It really pisses me off when I hear Politicians, Military, normal people spouting this line… “Well, that’s the price of Freedom…” Really? Whose? Mine, theirs, who? Because I don’t see any Iraqis running around our country shooting children, pregnant women, and justifying murder. So what price are we paying exactly? And on who’s tab is this?

What price have we paid? And how do we justify this at the cost of thousands of our brothers and sisters’ lives? So save it. Don’t fucking use that bullshit line on me. There is no cost. There is only waste. We are wasting our morality, our time, their culture, our money… And most importantly, their lives.

The site is something that will one day be read by every human child as a scornful lesson in history. People will be asking how Americans allowed their government to trick them into supporting a war that has no legal merit, where evidence was tainted or overlooked to attack a sovereign nation. What excuse will be used to quell the hopefully intelligent and angry people of the future? I say the future because the present day is a poor excuse for a country.

I can no longer turn a blind eye. Whenever I hear someone mouthing off about ‘kicking their ass’, I’m going to remind them that civilians, not terrorists, are being killed in Iraq. It reeks of ‘cleansing’ and ‘eugenics’ all over again.

If you feel brave, read this article and acquaint yourself with your brothers and sisters.

— Claude