During the California show on Saturday, some people noticed parts of my new rig, which was totally intentional of course. Some people asked me questions outside, and some were simply perplexed, so I thought I would shed a light on a few things…

A few days before the show, I got an Omnichord, which I won in an auction on EBay.

I was not planning on using it just days before a show, but when Paul and I worked out Lady In Waiting using it, the Kaos Pad 3 as a drum machine, and his guitar… Well. It was magic. And so we sprung it on the audience on Saturday with only one rehearsal between us. I loved it. But! Just because I strapped it on… don’t fucking call it a Keytar. It’s not a fucking Keytar. I don’t like keytars. I even despise the word Keytar. It is an analog device, not a controller. IHFK <— guess what that stands for? :0

Also in the mix was my Nintendo DS, which saw lots of use that night as both an atmospheric sound affecter and for some pads during I Felt the Pain and Soul On Fire. Somebody’s voice came through the crowd, asking… “Oh my God… Is that a Nintendo DS up there?” Yep. It was. Mine is the red and black, but here’s a pic of the black one…

The idea of having this little thing do what it does through my Kaos Pad was like getting my first analog synthesizer. I LOVE this THING. I plan on using more than one in the future. I’m almost certain of it.

The device I did not get to use was my Gakken, which is a little analog synthesizer that I got with a magazine out of Japan. That little guy is sick, and I planned on using it during Jubilation, but somehow it went on being muted (or I did not hear it in my monitors), which was rather bunk, but it happens. I had it hooked up to the Kaos Pad and it was going to do a theremin solo thing. :( 


Yeah, that’s the one. I love it, but it’s not really what I should have on stage with me. So I got this little monster instead for next time… Just out, too! Dave Smith’s Mopho kiddies! 100% Analog!

Now I’m going to make some additional noise… Ooh. Ah… But seriously. I am. This is a dream come true. It’s small, it’s phat, it’s small. Four Oscillators… “All you need is Love…”

If my other instrument would only work, I would be in heaven, but I haven’t given up on it. I don’t accept failure. It’s simply too cool. I made a FLASH BASED sampler, and it is amazing in every way… Except I hate controlling it from a mouse. I tried to do it with a wireless tablet, and it worked, but the response was too slow for my taste. I need to send MIDI to FLASH, and guess what… It is not part of FLASH! Which is a shame. I won’t give up on this though. The computer is part of what I do, so this seems like a logical step. Oh, BTW, I did play some graphic synth stuff via MIDI on Saturday, and that worked amazingly well. If I incorporate the visuals with Mopho I might have something really too cool for words. But I digress. I will put it up on our site soon so that anyone can play it. This was my dream… Sigh.

The other question I was asked was my preference… Surprise… Analog vs Digital. I don’t like that question, because in answering it I appear to give one more props than the other. But I guess this is inevitable, isn’t it? So here’s my view, the final and definitive manifest of what is what…

I love analog. I love digital. They are similar, they are different. They are like twins, only different. I love both. Each has a weakness the other exploits. Each has a strength the other employs. OK?

So don’t make me decide. I won’t. I love both. Forever.

— Claude