So I have almost wrapped up my new rig, which is a hybrid synthesizer set-up that I intend to use on the new album. My old friends, namely the ESQ are back as I wrote in a previous post, and since then I’ve found a few worthy additions to my software instrument setup. But recently, I also acquired another VSS-30, which is my favorite sampler in the world. Additionally, I have been using my Nintendo DS more and more. Add to the mix my Kaos Pad (KP3), and you have the makings of a cool rig.

But of course, I didn’t stop there. I recently bought the Omnichord, which is really warm, and an MFB Synth II (100% analog synth). My Gakken and optical theremin (self-made) of course rounds it all out.

Last night I made some videos to show how I turned these things into a working writing rig. And it is pretty cool. Lots of flashing lights and video synthesis. I will post these. The new studio looks like a crazy lab, so I think I’m going rename it… Something but I don’t know what just yet.

With this, I am hoping to finish up two things which stand in the way of progress. The first is Volume One, which we hope to wrap up soon, and the other is Sharewear, which will have most of the material from the first two and some surprises for all.

The artwork will feature a sketch by Werner Von Braun that has not been seen in public since 1952. But that’s another story for another day as this unfolds…

— Claude