Because of the season, it has been a bit difficult to finish the studio, but it is almost ready. I began a rig, tore it down, and started again in an effort to make the studio a good place to work.

I hate the fact that everything seems to take longer than it needs to, and all I can say is… ARRRRRRRRRR.

Today I worked on the microphone I will be recording my vocals with. Oh, I didn’t tell you? I’m going to sing the next album live in the studio. The idea is to avoid the vocal booth and sing as though it were live, with the speakers blaring. This is also part of my new methods of recording.

I tried about 25 different mics for this approach, and so far the one that won my heart was the ElectroVoice 767A. I have gutted it and will be wiring the capsule within the body of a steel 1950’s EV radio microphone that I’ll be using. This way, it will look pretty in videos… Silly I know. But it is fun and the vibe is good for me…

I finished a new theremin, and I am on the hunt for a few tidbits, then I will reveal the next laboratory in pictures and video. Speaking of pictures and video, we are taking some new bands shots this Sunday. It looks like it will be lots of fun.

Circuit bending a shortwave radio is next…