I will not post the official list since I’m totally sleepless and just home… But my personal highlights were…
Best Friend (we will do this again, it was awesome)
All These Hours ( I did the timpani rolls and some drums, plus a bass sound… I get to play!)
Soul on Fire (I got to play and jam on the K01 and the Akai)
Oblivion (we extended it)
Jubilation ( we extended it)
The Ravine
(it was fun seeing the shock)
65 Million Miles
Pac Man (yes)

New to the fold were some really cool pieces of gear that I got specifically for writing and performing. One in particular was a hit that night.. My Kaosillator! I gave it to people in the audience so they could play. One guy was a bit scared to play it, but this girl, Angie, she did a good job during When We Lie! And we made her a member of Abox for one song. That’s what I would call audience participation. I loved it.
The other one was this funny Akai drum machine, XR20 which is considered a “hip hop beat machine”… And I reprogrammed it for use on Answer Me and a bunch of other songs. The only snag in the evening was that as I played it I missed a whole line in The Ravine… And I started the song over. But aside from that, no bad sound!

I was very happy with the show…