Man, I feel so stupid. I have only had it for a while (it actually got out of the crash without much more than a scratch), and today was the first warm day. So I decided to try my bike (looks just like a Vespa) and practice. Because of my lack of skill of course, I crashed into the bushes, which would have been OK if the bike didn’t fall on me and drag me for a bit…. OUCH!!!!

The damage to the bike? Just a few scratches. The damage to me?

My ego is broken, of course, but it can be repaired with a little luck and a car. No more fucking scooters, OK???? Seriously, I’m scarred for life. Then there’s my already scarred shin, which was just about healed from an injury a few years back. Re-opened. And my left knee, which hurts because a scooter fell on it. And my hip, which hurts so bad I cannot even tell you. I may have to go to the hospital. We’ll see…


Yeah, it looks like a scratch, but it goes deep, and it hurts…

I hope that tomorrow I won’t hurt as much as it does right now.

Anyone want to buy my bike? :)