U.S. population: 306,051,178
World Population: 6,768,012,488

I want you to keep these numbers in mind. They are right now valid. I’m not going to get into the details. Get out a calculator and do the math. I’m only giving you the solutions. They are simple. We could implement them tomorrow. Everywhere. Add your own!

1. The 20 Dollar Plan. Everyone pays into a Pay Pal account 20 bucks of their hard earned money for the benefit of the country. This is People Money. The Fed cannot touch it. The Congress then has a country wide vote on what the Top 10 Needs of the country are and we all electronically vote (a Real Reality TV show). The bill is paid. Done. Then we can do it again every six months. How fast can we solve things now?

2. Government Operated Fast Food. Government employs the same amount of employees as McDonald’s, but serves up better regulated food, and the profits of the venture goes into the country’s deficit and the needs of her people by vote of the people. Say, better Education? affordable Health Care? Everyone has food, and we contribute to the country’s wealth. The Fed is out! Gary contributed the basis for this idea…

3. Fifteen Percent (The 15% Plan) of ALL manufacturing and educational grants must be given to US companies. You can outsource 85% of your telecommunications staff to Country X if you want, but if you want to be a company earning US dollars in the US, you need to give her people jobs and put money into the country that fills your pockets. Otherwise, get out and follow the rules of whatever country you want your children to grow up in. We the people demand it.

The government serves us. They are the waitress at our table. It is We The People who have to get up off our overwhelming fat asses and order what it is we want. Then tell her to make it great or there won’t be a tip.

Nice to feel better.