Right now before your very eyes corporations are trying to control what sites you visit, how search results are given to you, and in fact the amount of bandwidth you are allowed to use for free. That’s right, the last possible means for a free thinking society is about to be attacked, and most people think it’s a joke. After all, somebody will speak up and complain about it right? Somebody who?

That somebody needs to be you! Yes you. It’s about time we all sat down and put Twitter away for just a moment and wrote a little note to congress about how utterly pissed off you are about Internet Censorship or the nicer term “Internet Neutrality”. Tell them to just fuck off. Tell them that you are an American, that you live in a country where free speech is your right, where freedom of the press is about reporting truth and not corporate agendas.

But it cannot happen without you, for it is up to you and me as individuals to see how wrong this is and stop them. And we need to do this while there is no time left. People sometimes think I am a fringe Conspiracy Theorist. Seriously, I am not. I am a factualist. I believe in facts, figures and actions. Just listen to this guy telling congress how he wishes the Internet had never been invented.

And listen to his thin argument for the Internet as a tool for Cyber Terrorism. In fact, I want you to know that if they succeed, you may never hear to be able to search for rants like this ever again.

Some of you may applaud this. Fine, you have a right to your opinion. But when yours get taken away as well, you will have wished you walked in my shoes.