It’s actually very simple, and it comes down to one thing: YOUR EGO.
If you die and your ego still clings to this life on earth, you stay until you decide it’s time to move on. But it is a lonely existence. You cannot really communicate too well with the living, so it all will seem like a purgatory. Some will try and try and be noticed, but conversations in this state will be quite useless. You always have a choice. God never takes that away. Even in death. And for some, it may be that a few days or months is what they need to experience before they realize they are free.

Now the person who has ‘control’ of their ego but still abides by it will die and instantly want to ‘know’ everything, experience it all… Fly to ends of the universe, go right through a black hole, sit on God’s shoulder while he creates a new planet or life form that is millions of light years away and so different we would need six senses to describe. He or she will ride spaceships (unseen), fly to earth and catch up on how old their surviving friends look. They will see as many movies as they want, and lounge on the beaches of the planet of their choice… Like Mercury or Saturn. They will grow in size and see the earth as a pebble in the abyss, or be a particle and be everywhere at once… Time travel… And then…

Some will become bored.

So the fun part is then to erase all of one’s ego and come back, to experience creation again. Maybe here on earth, maybe elsewhere. If you were a man, you might want to try being a woman. If you were blond and blue-eyed, you might want to come back Asian. And you will do this because you will understand that time is infinite, so you give up nothing more than a hundred years or less of that infinity…

My father was not a creative person. He did not understand the arts, so we could not relate to each other. He was a normal practical man. No religion, no nonsense. We never saw eye to eye on anything. Then he died. A few days later I awoke to see his face hovering a few feet above my bed. I thought I was dreaming.. Just then he said, “This is so strange, but very cool. You will really love this and appreciate it! This is so you…” and he was off. I had never seen him that happy. Maybe it was my imagination. Nah. I saw him all right. Goodnight all!

Or you are just worm food. Even simpler, but not as much fun. Now I have to choose. No worm food.