I invented something yesterday, or rather I stumbled upon it and have coined. It’s not that easy to get a first these days. The pace of technology goes so fast, and trends come and go. But today, with the help of my daughter Sam, and the photograph below to commemorate the event.. [v] was born. What is it? Well, it’s the emoticon for email. It did not exist until today. And you know what? Maybe it didn’t need to, but it sure was fun suddenly finding it. And of course, being the first to use it. Yes, I will be sending an [v] to everyone I know this morning. :)  What, you think I won’t use it? I love the idea of never having to spell out ‘email’ or ‘message to your inbox’ ever again in favor of… “Hey I sent you a [v] for your birthday, did you get it?” Or, “If I get one more piece of #%$@! [v] regarding the @$%#@!..” Lol. 

Will it take off? I don’t know. but as of today, Google will at least know who designed it, who coined it, and for that fun fact alone.. I’m glad I did it. :) Enjoy the video I made as well… It’s on the Youtube. Do a search for [v] = Email. Hehe. 

BTW, my [v] is Aboxmanager@gmail.com.

[v] = Email.

you can watch the video as well…


Please, PLEASE, SHARE!!!!   Send an [v] to someone and tell them about it.. :)