sunday morning is not arriving fast enough for me
as I lay here in the darkness the tears are covering me
I want to breathe in the spell of something precious in my head
but in the silence I face the memory of what may now lie dead
oh sunday come … inside my soul is bare
oh sunday come .. inside my soul’s despair

when the sun sees me at my window I will try to smile
whe I hear all the children playing, I will face the truth
your’re not here with me
your’re not here… I set you free..

from the sand to the sea, from the plains and the trees
can you hear me now…
from the dust to the lies in the wind there are cries
can you touch me now…
from the light to the sky I see angels collide
can you see me now…
from the dirt on my shoes to the wisdom of fools
can you feel me now…
like an ocean of hands from the sea to the land
can you breathe me now…
won’t you breathe me now..

oh sunday morning…