Has the term Economic Sanction become another definition for terror when viewed from another country’s point of view??

This is what US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in a conference on Tuesday regarding Iran…

“Our partners in Europe and beyond need to exploit Iran’s vulnerabilities more vigorously and impose greater costs on the regime, economically, financially, politically and diplomatically.”

Now I ask you, when they do this, are they referring to the ‘regime’ as she puts it, or the people of a country? Are we now to imagine yet another foe in the middle east hiding weapons of mass destruction? Does a country not have the right to exploit its resources and have sovereignty over its own policies? By the way, it took my program a few tries to properly spell the word  sovereignty. I expect this word to be stricken from English dictionaries.

Few people in this country realize or have properly digested what economic sanctions really mean. So let me tell you…

It means starving a population of food, medicine, and public needs. In any other language, this would be a terrible act of terror designed to make someone bend in favor of those imposing these ‘sanctions’.

In Iraq it meant destroying homes, hospitals and schools. Who are we? What are we?

— Claude

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